6 basketball shoes that would make killer golf shoes

6 basketball shoes that would make killer golf shoes - ODIN Golf

B-ball kicks have made some waves on the PGA tour over the past few years. Tony Finau is a big one that comes to mind, serving as golf’s unofficial ‘ET’ and representative to the streetwear world. 

More recently, Bubba Watson came out swinging and dropped his Master’s edition sneakers, which looked absolutely killer. We’d be remiss if we didn’t make our own list of sneakers that would double up as some really ill golf shoes. The ODIN crew got together for a jam session, and made the case for our 6 favorite sneakers that would look sick on the course.


#1. The Reebok Pump

Reebok Pumps

Picture from GOAT.


JL: I remember rocking these back on the playground, where the shorts were baggy, the teachers would let the kids play, and the blacktops were hotter than Kevin Costner in Tin Cup. The Pumps making a comeback on the course would be legendary, and throwing some spikes these babies would be the move. Plus, with the essential pump up, bombs are more than likely going to make an appearance. #NukesAway


#2. Air Zoom, Lebron 1st gen

Lebron Air Zoom 1

Picture from GOAT.


JL: It was late 2003, and I can vividly recount their debut like it was yesterday. Word was they were inspired after the design of Lebron’s Hummer (H2). I was in NYC at the time - specifically bombing it around Chinatown - and was rummaging through every sneaker store I could find. Champs, Footlocker and all the big name stores were completely sold out. Eventually, after desperately asking people on the street and turning Canal Street upside down I finally found a local joint. By sheer chance, they had one pair left and it was in my size. Two weeks later I hit a game winning 3-pointer strapped with NYC’s finest. If there was ever a moment to tap into my Lebron-wearing youth basketball career, now would be the time for my golf game. I could sure use some of that chutzpah.

#3. Kobe 8 'Superhero’

Kobe Superhero 8

Picture from GOAT.


JB: There’s no greater feeling than paying homage to one of the greats to ever grace our presence on the court. I’m a big fan of low boys (currently rocking the Air Max 270s) and these would fit right into my golf rotation. Plus, I could tap into my young whipper snapper days in the streets of London (queue the Joy Division). LFG!


#4. Allen Iverson - the Answer 5

Allen Iverson Answer 5

Picture from GOAT.


CK: As a former youth sports stud in my home city of Heidelberg Germany, I was always watching AI from afar. Whenever I’d score a goal on the pitch, I’d point to my elbow and mouth, “The Answer.” Which reminds me, with these puppies, I could harness my inner Answer and make it rain on the golf course. 1-800-In It-to-win it.


#5. Air Jordan 1 - 1985

Air Jordan 1985

Picture from GOAT.


PA: What list would this be if we didn’t include the quintessential sports shoe in the entire history of sneaks. The red, black and white symbol of greatness. ‘Nuff said.


#6. T-Mac 1 OG

T-Mac 1 OG

Picture from GOAT.


JL: Incredible player, and one of the highly underrated shoes in the early aughts, launched circa 2002. T-Mac is what my golf game would look like if I removed my occasional duck hook and was actually clutch from 10 feet. That’s too bad, but, I could at least pretend like I can putt for dough and snag a pair of these dark knights with a couple of pops on the side. #IfKicksCouldKill


Go Balls Out. Always!


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